Homo Sapiens is not for sale

HOMO SAPIENS is not for sale

Dealing with the Otherness and the perception of “what’s real”; HOMO SAPIENS is not for sale is inspired by the portraits of the Italian and Dutch Renaissance.
It is the quest of an original data: what makes the strength and brightness of a look?

One answer given here is that the human face is an unlimited and unstable emotional space in which an individual can project and reflect himself.
In that deep space, everything is subjective and real at the same time.
We simply interact with each other; this is how the magic happens.

I started this portraits series when I couldn’t stand anymore all those empty faces with mineral smiles (everywhere on the buildings, in the magazines, on our digital screens…).
Too many plastic dolls with latex skins are trying to sell us something - making us believe we have to be exactly what they expect us to be.

What if we simply need to reprogram ourselves? Getting back to the original data.

Therefore I invite you to stare at these “facescapes” and try to figure out what happens when “only the face remains” - without any artifice or retouching.